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About me...

Brighton (they/them) is a multidisciplinary theatre artist based in Southern New England and NYC. Their work spans from stage management to direction to playwriting to prop and costume design. They are a recent graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with dual concentrations of Directing and of Theatre & New Media.

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Photo: Jude Valentin (@divinebrujeria)

My Story


I like to credit my love for theatre, particularly musical theatre, to an early obsession with Disney's High School Musical. Yes. 1, 2, and 3.

Since 2006, I have been in probably 20-something shows as a performer and worked a solid 10-teen-something as a director, choreographer, writer, designer, producer, stage manager, moral support, et cetera. 

You name it? I've probably done it. I am a veritable jack of all trades and I wear that badge proudly. Folks who know me also know that I'm good at the many things I do and always strive to improve. 


Maybe it's the ADHD.

Photo: Jude Valentin (@divinebrujeria)


My credits in education and work are rather expansive, so I've created a condensed version of my resume for all to see. If you have any questions or are wondering if there's a skill I didn't list here (of which there are probably many), please feel free to contact me!

Just for funsies I've also made an interactive version of all my credits dating back to 2014.



Musical Theatre

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

(High School)

Training in acting, voice, and dance over the span of four years in a magnet school setting. Graduated both academic and arts programs in 2017.


BA Theatre Arts
Marymount Manhattan College

Training in a wide variety of subjects under a liberal arts umbrella in NYC. Foundational acting and script analysis classes along with courses from puppetry to politics. Several project credits through 4.5-year stint at this school. Officially "walked" as of May 2023, diploma received prior.

Recent Credits


Showpeople Songwriting Showdown (May/June 2024) -- Regular Judge. Showpeople Theatre Collective Inc. @showpeopletheatrecollective


Shudder: Studio Cast Recording (March 2024) -- Sexton/Storyteller 4/Others. Album Art. Showpeople Theatre Collective Inc. & 4Force Studios. Available now on Bandcamp and most music streaming services! @shuddermusical @showpeopletheatrecollective

To the Fairest (NYTF Production; December 2023) -- Co-Director, Book Supervisor, Light/Sound Design & Operation. Showpeople Theatre Collective Inc. This show was revised from its original form to suit a 45-minute festival length. @tothefairestmusical @showpeopletheatrecollective

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (April/May 2024) -- William Barfée. Dir. Michael Ricciardone. @landmarkcommunitytheatre

Shudder (December 2023). -- Book Supervisor, Actor, Editor. Showpeople Theatre Collective Inc. This show was created in the span of just under six days through an Original Musical Workshop. @showpeopletheatrecollective

Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show (November 2023). -- Magenta. Dir. Autumn Sheffy. @sheffystageco

ALLLLLL the skills

You very well may ask, "ok so it's cool that you do a lot but like, what exactly do you do??" 

A lot. I do a lot. I will try to list as much as I can, though!

*cracks knuckles*

US drivers' license (Connecticut)
acrylic painting
art direction (film)
audio editing
basic language comprehension (some spanish, some french)
cosplay (including costuming, hair, and makeup)
costume design (theatrical)
digital art
direction (theatrical, film)
doll customization
drag makeup
drawing (graphite, colored pencil, pastel)
eva foam work

gouache painting
graphic design (novice/advanced beginner)
hand embroidery
lighting design (theatrical, film)
marker drawing (water base ink)
mixed media art
music composition (novice)
musical theatre choreography
musical theatre performance (acting, singing, dance)
prop design (theatrical)
puppet design (theatrical)
savvy with glue gun
screenplay writing
set design (theatrical)
sewing (advanced beginner/proficient)
teaching experience (ages 3+, some experience with developmental disabilities; usually movement or theatre)
theatrical makeup
video editing
watercolor painting
wig styling


Photo: Jude Valentin (@divinebrujeria)

Upcoming Works

JULY 2024

Original Musical Workshop (Summer). Writer.


All Shook Up. Director. Showpeople Theatre Collective.


To the Fairest. Book Supervisor. Showpeople Theatre Collective X 54 Below. TICKETS


Shudder. Stage Manager. Showpeople Theatre Collective X New York Theater Festival


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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